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2016 Total Calls: 479
2017 Total Calls: 484

2018 Call Stats
January ----- 44
February ----- 27
March ----- 39
April ----- 42
May ----- 26
June ----- 37
July ----- 45
August ----- 37
September ----- 25
October ----- 29
November ----- 32
December ----- 6
Total: ----- 389

Ambulance 89
Ambulance 89 is a 2014 E450 Ford built by PL Custom thru Spitler, Inc. A89 is a PA licensed BLS unit.   
Brush 89
Engine 89
E89 is a 2006 Spartan 6 man cab Pumper/Tanker built by 4Guys. It has a 1500gpm Darley Pump with a Darley AutoCAFS system, and carries 1,500 gallons of water and has a 30g...more
Engine 89-2
E89-2 is a 1997 Freightliner Pumper/Tanker built by 4Guys. E89-2 has a 1,500gpm Darley Pump, and carries 1,800 gallons of water. more
Hovercraft 89
HC-89 is a 1990 Hovercraft America craft. HC-89 is an essential Ice Rescue craft. It is also used on water and land where the need arises. more
Rescue 89
R89 is a 1995 Freightliner built by 4Guys. It has a 1000gpm Hale midship pump with a 500-gallon water tank. It also has a 50-gallon foam tank. R89 is also equip...more
Rescue 89-2
R89-2 is a 1990 International built by Road Rescue. R89-2 is a walk in rescue with seating for 7. It is equipped with a 4-bottle 6000-psi cascade system. R89-2 ...more
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